How To Grow Seeds Indoors. Seeds to Garden Ready Plants.

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Mary Hunt

“You did it again, Anna—taught an old gardener new tricks. Gardening is addicting because you want to have EVERYTHING you see in the seed catalogs when they arrive. Then EVERYTHING breaks your heart when it doesn’t sprout or thrive. The visual “how-to” along with the support text could have prevented countless failures. I wish I had this practical knowledge about 40 years ago and think about how much pesticide-free food I would have enjoyed. My waistline and my wallet would both be in better shape. Thank you for putting this mass of knowledge together in one easy-to-understand place.”

Mary Hunt, zone 8 gardener Washington State

This Course will easily pay for itself in one year. One garden plant costs $4. Whereas you can grow multiple plants from one seed package at the same cost. If you do the math, then 50 seeds times $4=$200. You paid for the course in one season.


This e-course contains everything you could want to know about how to grow plants from seed indoors to garden ready plants along with two added bonuses.

MODULE #1: The Foundation of Growing Seedling (2 Videos + 2 Info Sheets.)

You will learn the difference between hybrids, GMOs and heirlooms. What does scarification, soaking & stratification have to do with seed germination? 

MODULES #2: Timing (1 Video, 1 PDF and 3 Info Sheets)

Learn when is the right time to sow your seeds for both Spring and Fall. This module provides a video and detail informaton with links to customize your own time table.

MODULES #3: Necessary Seed Accessories with Frugal Options ( 4 Videos, 4 Info Sheets.)

Learn about seed sowing accessories I use as well as frugal options. In addition, learn about other necessary equipment that will make or break your seed growing experience. Also,learn how you can make this equipment.

MODULE #4 Labels for Your Seedlings (1 video and 1 Info Sheet)

You must label your seedling since they all look so similar when they grow. Planting the wrong plant in the wrong place can cost you space in the garden.

MODULE #5: How to Sow Seeds (3 Videos & 2 Info Sheets) 

Learn two different options to sow seeds along with easier ways to get those darn tiny seeds in their pots. In addition, you will learn how to make your own soil-less mix to save money in the garden or what products to buy. 

MODULE #6: How to Keep Your Seedling Thriving Before Being Planted (3 Videos & 1 Info Sheet.)

It is a long haul between sowing your seeds to planting. Most gardeners lose their seedlings during this time. In the 3 videos you will learn how to help your seedlings to thrive.

MODULE #7: How and When to Repot (1 Video)

Learn when and how to repot your seedling and what to do if you are running out of time.

MODULE #8: Troubleshooting (2 Videos)

Learn some possible scenarios of issues you might have with your seedlings. In addition, you will learn how and when to reseed for those seed failures.

MODULE #9: Getting Plant Ready for the Garden (1 Video)

Learn how to properly get your babied seedlings to face the harsh world in your garden without killing them.

MODULE #10: Planting in the Garden (1 Video and 1 Info Sheet)

Learn how to plant your seedlings in the garden along with how to protect them in their new home.

MODULE #11: Next Year (2 Videos and 1 Info Sheet.)

Your seeds are now planted in the garden. What about next year? Learn what you need to do to store your seeds, check for viability next year and how long do seeds last.

BONUS #1: How to Soil Block

Learn an advanced seeding technique for next year to reduce your time and materials purchased and used. Your plants will thrive. This is a course into itself! 

BONUS #2: How to Build Cages to Protect Your Plants

Learn how to build cages to protect your plants from slugs and pests. Say good-bye to cabbage looper eaten broccoli and kale or birds eating your strawberries.

Stephanie Donahue

“How to Grow Seeds Indoors taught me so much about growing my plants from seed, and the course was enjoyable! Anna did a great job with her step by step instructional videos and additional resources so that I can get started growing my garden right away. Thank you, Anna, this will be my best harvest yet!”

Stephanie Donahue, Aroma Mama, zone 6.

What are the Benefits to Taking this Course?

  •  You will stop breaking the bank buying plants each year starting at $4 a plant. I bought 20 plants one year and spent $80! That was the last time I bought plants.
  •  You will start taking more control of your garden. Plant what you want instead of what the gardening store has. If you want to grow that cool yellow tomato, grow it. 
  •  You will no longer buy plants that may have been sprayed with pesticides especially the ones that are harming pollinators.
  •  You will enjoy a whole new world of vegetables that you can grow. There is a whole variety of seeds out there you may never have imagined growing. A lettuce that doesn't bolt. Maybe a flower that makes you smile. The world is your vegetable oyster.
  •  You will stop wasting money on annual flowers and herbs since you can grow them yourself.
  •  You will save time going to the garden store when you can have seeds sent you directly through the mail.
  •  You will get to know other gardeners and swap seeds.
  •  You will save seeds and save even more money year after year.
  •  Best yet, you will spend money increasing your garden from the money saved from not buying plants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. I am a beginner and have never gardened before? Can I take your course?

I wouldn't recommend it. This course is only how to grow seeds indoors and planting them in the garden. I won't be talking about anything in the garden. You should have at least one growing season under your belt so you know how plants grow in a garden.

 2. Can I use this course if I garden in containers? 

Absolutely. Remember, I won't be talking about the right container or the type of soil you need. I am only getting the plants to the garden. You can plant them anywhere. 

3. Will I have to buy equipment to grow indoors?

Yes. I give you budget worth tips to reduce your cost but if you want to grow seed the right way, you will need to invest in lights as I mentioned in the above video. Realize, you don't need an expensive lighting set up like mine. Remember, I grow 200+ seedlings a year. Lights aren't expensive. Check out prices at your big box store and amazon if you aren't sure if you can make the investment. (I give you some links to some interesting and cost effective lighting set ups in the course.)

 4. Can I watch the videos over and over again?

Yes. I upload the course to Thinkific so you could log on anytime you want. The course has several videos, a PDF, and information sheets. Any changes I make to the course, you are grandfathered and will get to see those updates.

5. If I have questions during the course, what do I do?

Comments are enabled so you can ask me any question. Your questions benefit the other students.

6. I want to learn but I don't have the time. The course looks like it will take a lot of time.

 Although the course looks like 20 hours since it is chalk full of information, however, it should take you to about 2 to 3 hours to binge watch all the videos and read the material. Each video averages about 6 mins. You also can watch it whenever you like --morning, noon, or night. Also, you don't need to watch the entire course all in one shot. Your seedlings may not be at the point for you to watch the next few videos.

7. I have more questions about the course. What do I do?

Just email me on my contact form HERE. 


A Word From the Author

"I have been gardening for over 10 years and farm 3/4 of an acre of land complete with 32 raised beds, fruit trees and bushes, and herbs. I have been growing my plants from seed almost as long as I have been gardening. I love the flexibiltiy of growing seeds since I can grow whatever funky type of vegetable that will grow in my zone. Plus, I save so much money growing my plants from seed.

What are you waiting for? Click below..”


Why keep wasting money on plants and having to only grow what is in your garden store? For limited time only $97, you can save money and be in control of what you want to grow. The Course comes with a thirty (30) day 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

$125 $97.00

if you buy now.

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